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by Kristin Leitch •

Why We Took So Long to Offer Body Sculpting

Lose fat, freeze fat, beach body, bikini body, tighten skin, unwanted cellulite. Shameful really, not to mention full of empty promises. As a middle aged, postpartum woman I am a target for body shaming. Images on social media with photoshopped figures create an absolutely unachievable body type that we are brainwashed into thinking we can achieve.  Expectations versus reality come up every day in my practice, and I often send patients away disappointed that I cannot give them the look that they want to achieve, often from “inspirational” figures on Instagram. And I could foresee body sculpting treatments would balloon this expectation.  However, it is a top request. And like most of our injectable/botox treatments, I would say 95% of all patients are doing it for very positive reasons, with a clear outlook, normalized self awareness and as a treat for themselves. They think of it as a little extra something to make them feel a bit more edgy. We started trialing body sculpting devices about a year and a half ago. To be honest, this industry often made me feel sick. As a feminist in the beauty industry, there was absolutely no way I was going to partake in the gimmicks and shaming in anyone's body. Every body is a freaking beach body, every body is a bikini body!  Eventually, our clinic moved on from targeted fat loss and discovered an interest in muscle building. The concept of increasing muscle mass in targeted areas to achieve a fit figure aligned with positive body concepts I could stand behind. As we researched and trialed muscle building devices there were some very important and interesting results; Increase in core strength resulted in the ability to lift more in my goblet squats, triceps and regular pushups, I was able to do full pull ups (before I could not) Improved core strength could help patients with back pain and problems Increase in strength gave a profound improvement in body positivity and I was more likely to workout more/harder As a postpartum female, increased muscle mass filled out my tummy area without having to lose weight The EMsculpt Neo device does incorporate apoptosis, which is targeted fat destruction which may be a bonus to some clients, but certainly not the shining star for me personally. Me? I was ready to she hulk the s**t out of my abs.  If you want to read more about another personal experience with the EMsculpt neo device check out the blog below!