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At-Home Masks: why you should adopt them into your routine

by Kristin Leitch |

Performing a mask at home is a perfect way to check many self care boxes. You can perform one in the comforts of your own space, wearing or drinking whatever you feel like. 

It is the perfect excuse for some alone time, while doing your skin a service. 

As relaxing as it is, you still must pay attention to your skin, and what it needs. Different masks serve different purposes, choose them wisely!

Here I am going to breakdown different masks in a general categories to take the guesswork out. 



    • Used for all skin types but especially for dry skin
    • Can be used daily
    • Specially in winter months, post skin procedure like laser or microneedling
    • After sports like skiing where you may have wind burn or exposure to extreme cold
    • Perfect for skin conditions such as rosacea
    • In summer months after sun exposure to soothe and heal
    • Key Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, oils


Phyto Corrective Mask
by SkinCeuticals

Papaya Pumpkin Mask
by Sorella Apothecary
Peach and Honey Mask
by Sorella Apothecary




    • Oily and acne prone skin
    • 1-2 times max per week max!
    • Use before hormonal breakouts, or with excessive oil production in summer months
    • Key Ingredients: clay, charcoal, zinc, sulfur


Rosehip Warming Mask
by Sorella Apothecary

Clarifying Clay Mask
by SkinCeuticals




    • All skin types
    • 1 time per week max
    • Use all year round, careful with dry and comprimsed skin such as recent sun exposure or laser treatments
    • They are brightening, so really great pre event or photoshoot
    • Will treat sun damage and discolouration
    • Great treatment melasma or hyperpigmentation with pregnancy
    • Enzyme, acid peel or physical exfoliants
    • Key Ingredients: bromeliad, glycolic acid, lactic acid, poppyseed


Mint Poppy Seed Polish
by Sorella Apothecary


Blackberry Lime Fruitfoliant Enzyme (Pregnancy safe)
by Sorella Apothecary


Performing at home skincare rituals like regular masking will prolong laser, microneeding and filler treatments as well, protecting and prolonging your investment. 

Home masks for the WIN!!