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How to Self Tan Like a Boss

by Kristin Leitch |

I feel like I look better with a heathy tan. We hear this all the time from our clients when discussing treatment plans and the importance of everyday sunscreen and to be sun safe. I have to agree. I myself love to look bronzed and glowy. But why?

 In the 19th and the 20th century, it was not considered beautiful to have a tan. A tan represented the working class because they had to labour under the sun all day. The women of luxury were porcelain white, not a tan in site. 

"I think for myself, I feel like I just look better with some colour. I feel like you look like you have been outside, have been active. Maybe there is just something about sitting in the sun that makes you feel better" Jana, HeLa Client. 

In today's society, a tan represents recent vacations, more leisure time away from work. A bronzed glow has a luxurious feel.

From a medical aesthetic point of view, a tan hides fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes sun or age spots and covers acne scars and large pores. A tan can also contour the body, much like the technique used in makeup, giving the illusion of a thinner, trimmer body. 

We all know the effects of long term sun exposure, an we are all well aware of the skin cancer risks associated with tanning. I myself am a tanning convert. So what is one to do??  We we here at HeLa have sourced one of the best self tanners in the industry: Luna Bronze.

Luna Bronze is vegan, cruelty free and derived from 100% natural ingredients. Tanning minus the sun. 

"We believe that a clean, natural glow should be simple, skin-loving,  and sunless. No fussy applications. No tiger stripes. No chemical smells. We’ve spent countless hours developing and refining our formulas. For the simple fact that we will only produce products that our family, friends, and we ourselves, would use everyday.

Recognisable through our distinctive yet minimalistic packaging, you won’t find our products in boxes and layers of unnecessary packaging. Because an important element of our ethos is to keep beauty not only simple but clean and eco-friendly, so that our footprints are kept to a minimum on this beautiful planet.

Oh. And the best bit? Swirled in an elixir of enriching essential oils, naturally-derived EcoCert® DHA and high-grade ingredients, we just know your skin will love it too" Luna Bronze.

If you are interested in self tanning, we have complied an instruction guideline to insure the best sunless tan. You must use a mitt and apply the product in circular motions. The product is a foam, which is really forgiving, and has a tint to see where you are applying. 

1. Shave, shower and exfoliate 12-24 hours prior and add moisturizer after showering.

2. Apply roughly 2 pumps of sunless tanner on a mitt (otherwise it will stain your hands) per 1/2 limb. I, Kristin, use 2 pumps for my lower leg, spread all over larger skin portions, and use the remaining product on my mitt to spread over my ankles, feet and knees. You do not want to put a whole dollop on these areas, they will be darker than the rest of your skin. 

2 pumps of foaming self tanner per 1/2 limb

3. You will need 3 pumps to cover your upper leg, bikini line and bum. 

The foam is tinted, easily showing where you have applied

4. 2 pumps for lower arm, using left over for your hands, avoiding knuckles. 

5. 2 pumps for your upper arm and bicep. 

6. 2 pumps for your chest and neck, use leftover for the face. Only apply to areas of the face that you would normally contour, like the outer area, around the upper hairline, a bit on the nose, and outside of cheekbones. 

7. 3-4 pumps for your belly, chest, and underarms. 

8. 2-4 for your back. You may need a friend to help if you are not flexible! don't forget the back of the neck and behind your ears!

In terms of vitamin D, self tanning will not provide you the feel good vitamin that the sun can. But the American Association of Dermatology states that we receive enough Vitamin D in our daily diet, sitting in our car or walking the dog. 


Luna Bronze Retails at HeLa for $65 plus HST, a range of colours are available. 

Available to purchase online!