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Losing My Microblading Virginity

by Kristin Leitch |

My desire for heavenly brows started way before I ever thought about doing them on anyone.

Two years ago, I visited Jaimie Jolly at Thistle and Bloom in Bancroft, Ontario to get my eyebrows microbladed. I had wanted to book with her a few months before, when she was in Pembroke giving us rural Canadian girls brows to live for, but all of her spots were booked. Leaving inspired, I went back to Jaimie for brow training from the goddess herself.

I swayed back and forth between dreams of never having to fill in my eyebrows and the potential horror of a botched job I have read about on Google. But, I couldn't resist my vision of gracefully exiting the water after a swim [insert image of a Sports Illustrated model here]. The payoff seemed greater than the risk!

The process was pretty simple. I arrived, filled out a consult and talked about how I wanted my brows to look. After chatting with Jaimie, we decided that a hybrid shading and microblading technique was best for me. Microblading alone was not the right fit for my skin and likely wouldn't have given me the result I wanted. Also, since the tails of my brows were short, the combination of the two techniques gave me the Angelica Houston look I was going for.

Microblading is the process of placing tiny hair stroke cuts in the skin with pigment, It is done over and over from tail to tip to mimic brow hairs. It is natural looking, and beautiful.

Microshading was added to enhance the look I was going for. The combination of the two techniques gave my brows soft in the front and party on the tails.

Microshading is more like a tattoo method. A machine is used with needles to place the pigment in the skin with a more solid colour result.

During my session, Jaimie measured out my new brows, we picked the best colour, then the fun started. Did it hurt? Yeah, there was some discomfort. The microshading was more tolerable than the microblading, but being with a skilled technician, we used numbing agents and the process was quick.

After everything was completed, the brows were dark. Really dark. However, I knew that they would fade 30% after they healed to get the result I desired. I dealt with a bit of irritation after during the healing process – itching, a bit of stinging and pulling on the skin.

Even with my brows being 3 shades too dark for two weeks, I was still happy and had no regrets.

xoxo, Kris