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Treatment Spotlight: Skin Tightening, Beyond Injectables

by Kristin Leitch |

How do we treat and prevent loose skin, especially on the neck area?


To be completely honest, the best way to treat loose skin is with surgery via a facelift. It is the most effective and gives the most noticeable results. 

But there is a lot of people that are not interested in cosmetic surgery due to the downtime, risk of anesthetic or possible infections. 

That is where laser skin tightening comes it. The exact science behind is using heat and RF energy to stimulate small amount of damage to the skins cells, stimulating a cascade of collagen production, and the result is firmer, tighter skin. 

Your laser technician will obtain a brief medical history, review any side effects, create a treatment plan. Then, on the day of your appointment, you will have your skin cleansed, and prepped for treatment! The technician will gently heat your skin over time to 43 degrees Celsius, the magical number for collagen stimulation. Afterwards, your skin will be treated to several recovery serums and ascorbic acid, to speed up healing time and post-care instructions  will be reviewed before you leave. 

With laser, we can safely treat the neck, under the chin, sides of mouth and under the eye area with little to no downtime at all. 

What else can lasers do? 

Well, we all know that they are very efficient in hair removal, provided the correct technology is used. But we can also treat surface imperfections such as acne scarring, large pores and fine lines with little to no downtime at all. The science is essentially the same, but more directed at a surface level; create tiny channels of injury to stimulate new growth. This is performed with a completely different laser, but the general process and appointment time is essentially the same. 

In general the best practice is prevention. Performing procedures like laser skin tightening, sublative or micro needling can boost your collagen production 5-10% and just may prevent you from ever considering a facelift!