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Anti Aging

Although wrinkles and general signs of ageing are due to time, there are other things to consider. Some things we have control over and some things we do not, like genetics. 

Overall skin health can be achieved through day to day habits, that are easy on the pocketbook. Food high in antioxidants, proper sun protection, smoking cessation and low alcohol intake, lots of water and plenty of rest. 

One main concept in anti aging is the use of topical antioxidants like ascorbic and ferric acid. This protects free radicals from breaking down collagen. 

Our main prescription for anti aging would be a healthy lifestyle, fantastic home skin care regimen and botox for relaxing muscles to prevent wrinkles from even forming. 

This discussion is best built with an in person consultation, lasting 30 minutes with one of our professionals. 


Pigment, Melasma and Sun Damage

Over time, the suns harmful rays will eventually take a toll, resulting in an uneven complexion, destruction of collagen and elastin, premature aging or worse case, melanoma. 

Treating benign (non cancerous) lesions can be safe and easy with the proper laser and trained professional. High amounts of energy can be directed at specific lesions, causing photothermolysis (or destroying the cells so new fresh ones can grow in). You may just want to treat the whole face, neck and hands after you see how smooth and clear your skin can be!


Unsure about laser treatment? Chemical peels can perform a similar effect. The use a specific acid to target melanin can lighten sun damaged skin, melanoma, or hyperpigmentation after pregnancy. Easier on the pocket book and every chemical peel ends with a relaxing facial. 


Of course, after treating your sun damage, you are going to want to keep that clear complexion around for as long as you can. Specific ingredients in your home skin routine will help maintain your investment. This is best build with a complimentary consultation focusing on at home skin care.


Skin Tightening

Did you know that at the age of 25 we start to loose 1% of our collagen per year? Collagen is the molecule responsible for keeping our skin tight and elastin is responsible for its stretch, and bounce back to shape. They are enormous molecules that cannot be put into our skin with creams, medicines or good habits. So how can we create more or avoid loosing what we have? With injury, specifically, fractional injury. This means tiny controlled injury to your skin is performed so the intact skin heals the injured rebuilding your cells matrix with collagen and elastin. We use two forms of fractional injury (or resurfacing), laser as Sublative, Sublime or Microneedling. Both have different benefits like healing time,   level of redness or time returning to makeup use etc. But both will leave your skin baby smooth and tight. 



Acne must be managed but is rarely cured. The cause of acne can be hormonal, stress related, poor skin hygiene, genetic or it could be an over inflammatory response to a certain type of bacteria. Having your type of acne diagnosed by a physician is key, and we can provide that. 

Treatments can range from prescribed medicines, hydra facials to deep clean pores, oil targeting chemical peels, at home skin care and/or laser treatments to destroy papule causing bacteria. Enlarged pores, blackheads and oily skin can typically be treated with a hydrafacial or chemical peel. Cystic acne and large whiteheads or papules may require a consult with our on staff physician. 

Vascular Lesions, Spider veins and Rosacea

Rosacea is most common to occur in fair persons in their 30's to 50's. Symptoms can be easy flushing in the face, overall redness of the skin and can progress to bumpy texture similar to acne. Triggers can be stress, allergies, vigorous exercise and UV exposure. 

Our solution? Skin rejuvenation photo facial with our eLos plus laser system or GentleMax alexandrite laser. We can treat everything from flare ups to broken capillaries even if they cover a large area. Intense heat is pulsed at 3 millisecond rate at a targeted capillary resulting in constriction and even coagulation. The result? Those pesky capillaries to be eliminated and carried off in your lymphatic system revealing smooth clear skin. This treatment can be performed on the legs and neck as well. 



Scars are part of the bodies natural healing process. Once an injury is made and inflammatory cascade is started and collagen is created to heal the injury. In some cases, scars can be flat and lacking pigment like from severe acne and can be quite troubling for some. 

Treating scars can be done by causing micro injuries in a fractional fashion. Small microscopic injury is made, forcing new collagen to be produced in a controlled fashion. This can be done with thermal injury (Sublative laser resurfacing) or with manual injury (microneedling). 

Double Chin

A double chin can be due to build up fat deposits and sagging skin or to genetic factors. If one of your parents had a double chin despite healthy lifestyle choices, you may have inherited it. Either way excess tissue can distort the jawline and contours of the lower face. 

We can treat the unwanted tissue with Deoxycholic acid, a series of injection of a naturally occurring bile acid. This will lyse the fat deposits and free then from their storage compartments, allowing your body to eleminate them through your own lymphatic system. 

Once the tissue is gone, skin tightening with our Sublime treatment can contour the loose tissue. 

Facial Rejuvenation 

As we age, we loose bone density, natural fat pads and ligamental structure in our face. This can result in hallowing and sagginess giving us a tired or aged appearance. 

To treat this, we use dermal fillers in targeted areas to recreate volume loss or structure. Dermal fillers are naturally occurring, biodegradable and non permanent. Our favourite places to put dermal fillers are in the cheekbones to lift under eye areas, and nasal folds and the jawline to treat jowls and sagginess. These to areas are quick and simple injections not lasting more than 3-5 minutes and are well tolerated. 

We can use fillers to refresh your look in many different areas and will last from 9 months to 2 years, depending on the product used. 

Excessive Sweating

This isn't your regular underarm sweat. Some people are afflicted from excessive sweating that can be a major lifestyle affliction. This is called hyperhydrosis and typically presents itself in late adolescence. It can occur unexpectedly and at rather inconvenient times. It can be embarrassing and the person may avoid public events or certain clothes.

Luckily, there is a treatment for it. Injecting botox to inhibit chemicals causing the eccrine glands to perspire is a non invasive and relatively hassle free treatment. Results can last 6-12 months and may even be covered by your drug plan. 

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or Bruxism can cause damage to teeth, constant headaches and migranes or muscle tension in the neck and trapezius muscles. Although people suffering from bruxism can get wear a night guard to protect the integrity of the teeth, it won't stop the condition and migrates may persist. 

Injecting botox into the master muscles and temporal fossa will prevent the motion and teeth clenching at night. Not only that, but the reduction in size of the masters that lie on the the sides of the face will give your face a gentle appearance. 

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be cause by genetic factors, stress, hormonal imbalances or from traction alopecia, a fancy way of saying from constant rubbing on the head from hat or helmet wearing. Whichever the cause, mesotherapy may be of help. By injected your own platelets, a cell full of growth hormones, we can restimulate dormant hair follicles to grow in faster and more robust. This treatment can help with both men and women regain fullness to the scalp. 




EMsculpt Neo

The first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that uses radiofrequency heating for fat reduction.

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